quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016


It´s a very interesting book. Most children know they´re loved by their parents, but not all of them feel that love. This book will teach you how to discover your child´s primary love language (there are 5) and enable you to fill his “emotional tank” in a way he will genuinely feel loved

quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2016

1-2-3 MAGIC

My mother used this 1-2-3 counting when I was a child and perfectly worked for us. So I also use it with my children, but I didn´t know, until I read this book, how and why it worked. The techniques are well explained and easy to practice. What I liked the most is the “no talk, no emotion” posture. It´s good not only to stop bad behavior but also to stimulate your children to cooperate in the daily routine. It´s worth reading.

terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016


This book offers many creative ways to deal with loss and grief and also leads you in a journey of self-knowledge. Susan opened her heart and shared stories of her life. Truly inspired by the Holy Spirit she helps you to let the River of Grace that comes straight from the heart of God immerse you into His love


I know I´m a person that talks too much. So I thought this book could help me listen better and listen more to people. But it´s SO MUCH MORE than that. It showed me a new perspective of the listening experience: how to listen not only to people, but specially how to listen to God in our loud world. “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening” (1Sam 3:9)


I was aware that each one of us have different talents and we should develop them the best we can. But I never thought that they were different types of intelligence, or “smarts” as the Author calls them. This book was really helpful to understand and identify the different types of intelligence we all have, the ones that are stronger and the ones we can improve. It also shows how we can interact and teach our children these smarts, which are the types of career linked to each smart and for me, the most interesting part was to know how is the best way that each smart can relate to God and serve others.


It is a great book! It refers to some of the most important marital issues, such as sex, parenting, unity, prayer, extended family, money, faith, service. All topics provides a real life example, so it´s very easy to understand the Authors message and point of view. Very well grounded in the Church´s teachings and the reflections questions help us to realize where we are in the subject discussed. Every family willing to improve the quality of their life should try this book!


Every family will profit from this book. It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner in the Catholic Faith path or if you are far ahead and have a strong faith life. I consider being in this last category and started reading this book out of curiosity, not really thinking I could do more about passing the faith out to my kids. Then, I was surprised to see how much more I could do! I am equally amazed how Marc Cardaronella was able to talk about deep concepts in such a simple and easy way to understand. Everything he suggests has a solid reason and he had tested them all in his own family life.


As a lawyer, I was very successful in winning arguments for my clients. Now working as a full time mother, I get very frustrated not being able to solve even small conflicts among my children. So I could really relate to this book. Even if it´s apparently written to solve big conflicts, you can use all its principles and tips to redeem every day conflicts. In each chapter, the author provides a real life testimonial of people who can be an example in achieving the specific skill described in that chapter. The most important thing I´ve learned from it is that “redeeming conflict is not about fixing the conflict, but managing it in such a way that we rob it of the power to divide and fragment while heightening its power to educate and illumine.” Great book.


This book takes you into a journey of spiritual healing: the healing of your memories. The teaching and history of Pope Francis leads the way where you are invited to surrender yourself to our Heavenly Father and dive into His mercy. They are not only abstracts ideas, but Dawn Eden, using many times her own life stories, provides many practical ways you can use this precious information.


The title was a bit shocking, but then I discovered some wonderful stories. Wonderful not only because they were from real women with amazing lives, but also because they were very well written. Maria Morera Johnson was able to mix passages of her own life with the stories of those remarkable women, so the reader can really fell and understand her relationship with them. What I liked most were the questions at the end of each chapter: three simple questions that lead me to think about my own life, the main virtues of the women she chose and how that could correspond to women I know. Therefore, at the end, the stories were also my own stories, making this book a very good experience.


This book really touched deep in my heart. I´ve already read St. Faustina Diary many years ago and I pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy every day, but I´d never thought of the works of mercy the way displayed in this book. It´s just wonderful how we can do this in our daily lives and grow in mercy ourselves. The appendix also provide wonderful prayers and devotions.


Amazing book! Written with the heart, truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. The personal histories shared
help the reader to connect with what´s being teached. It really can change your life!


This book is really life changer. The author is very brave to show a new perspective of human weakness. It really challenges the reader to review his faith and how to live it in it fullest. Totally based on the Holy Scripture, specially in Saint Paul´s letters.


This a very well written book, based on the Scriptures but very practical too. The 10 Commandments were given by God so we can get to Heaven. They are not always easy to follow, but if we do, the prize is the Eternal Glory. The same way, the 10 Commandments of Marriage offers us a way to get to Heaven here on Earth, the truly happy marriage. They´re also not so easy to follow, but if we do, we´ll be able to fullfill the mission of the marriage couple: get to Heaven with our mate.


This book makes you deepen your faith through the lives of the saints. It is wonderful how the author is able to give examples of the lives of two saints at each chapter and link it to our days, our struggles. It´s a great book for meditation, for those who really wants to renew the world we live in. The questions posed at each chapter and the word of the Gospel really make us want to be a better person, a person that can change the world!


This is the book I was long looking for. It shows in a very pleasant way the teachings of the Church about sexuality, specially the theology of the body, and also a practical faith in the Divine Providence, all of those essential for happiness in this world. I thought it was a book for singles, but got it wrong: it´s for everybody who wants to live a whole and holy life. Arleen opens her heart, her experiences and her faith, leading us to wish to live a chaste life, regardless of our civil status.


Wonderful book. I´m always amazed how Lisa is able to open her heart and tell us her struggles and successes, leading us to go further in our path to Heaven, one step at a time. This book also shows a very close synchronicity with the teachings of the Church, specially what´s very dear to Pope Francis: the "culture of encounter" and also the joy to spread the Word of God with "infectious enthusiasm". Lisa challenges us to every day say to our Father: "Your plans, my yes".